I would highly recommend CMS to anyone considering an “upgrade” in wheelchair transport. It has truly changed my life.

Why Choose us?

Drawing from experiences in the engineering and management sector of the mobility equipment industry, CMS combines a vast array of knowledge with clinical practice to assess and prescribe each client with a tailored product. We have the ability to source and provide the majority of products from all major manufacturers, which enables us to approach every client without any bias or loyalty to a particular supplier. This means that both healthcare professionals and the customer receive an honest and trusted assessment.

Powered chairs

Powered wheelchairs come in many forms and complete multiple tasks. ​ Choosing the right chair for your individual situation is very important and can take time filtering and fine tuning your preferences.

Rehab Chairs

Finding a suitable product that can adapt and accommodate a clients requirements is vital. In the rehab sector there are many options that have the ability to aid pressure relief, circulation and positioning.

Active Chairs

Whether it be rigid or folding – active chairs are built to go anywhere and everywhere with you. They are light weight, strong and completely bespoke.

Service and maintenance

CMS offers complete, worry free servicing and maintenance packages so that in the event of any issues arising, it can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. This support covers annual servicing, ongoing maintenance and seating/setup adjustments. If not included in the initial purchase then this can also be arranged on a pay as you go basis.

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