Wheelchair Accessories

We offer a range of accessories for wheelchairs that can really help make a difference, from specialised wheels that reduce the vibrational impact to phone mounts that make using everyday devices easy while on the move.

SPECIALISED WHEELS - Wheelchair accessories

Spinergy Wheels

The Spinergy wheels are excellent for comfort and quality. Having a smoother ride helps with the vibrations and shocks reaching the body and causing fatigue. There are options to suit each user and numerous benefits to using these wheels. The Fibre spokes act as a shock & vibration dampener. They are 25% more absorbent than steals. The Spoke wheels are also half the weight of the normal steel spokes so it helps with the overall weight of the chair. They are also 3x stronger than the steal option. You can customise the rib and hub to get the right colour and size for your needs.

Loop Wheels

Loopwheels have an innovative design of integral suspension which helps to reduce vibrations while on the move. This means that clients can often travel further and for longer. On top of the integral suspension, the push rims come in narrow or wide options to suit most hands. The outside rim is ridged so that you can efficiently travel over flat surfaces too. The wheels are made in Britain and made out of carbon composite. 

ACCessories - that connect to your wheelchair

Ram mount

The Ram Mounts conveniently help clients access their phone, tablet, cup, camera, action camera and more every day devices from the comfort of their wheelchair and while on the move. Some of the mounts are also interchangeable, making it easier to use multiple mounts. it’s the must have of wheelchair accessories!