Power Wheelchairs

Standing power wheelchairs are beneficial for a number of reasons but mainly to support posture, maintain or improve bone density and to aid circulation/function

Innovative powered wheelchairs for all terrains; sand, snow, mud and rocks – you name it, these will tackle it!

Powerchairs that perform and suit both indoors and outdoor environments.

Accessibility and comfort. We provide a range of indoor focused chairs that will handle even the smallest of environments. 

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Power wheelchairs are perfect for users with limited mobility of the arms and hands or low physical strength meaning a power assisted wheelchair with easy to use controls is usually the most suitable option. Through our assessment and consultation process we work with you to ensure you’re getting the best chair to suit your requirements, this includes finding out what environment you’ll be using your power wheelchair in to help us make an informed decision on what chair will be best.

It’s important to think about what setting you’ll be using your chair in as each wheelchair is designed for use in different environments and there’s many factors to consider such as battery life, size, terrain, mobility and much more. By choosing the right electric power wheelchair you can open up a number of possibilities and increase your independence, so contact us today for a consultation and we can advise on every step of the way.

Zippie Salsa M2 Power wheelchair

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