Assessments and Consultations

Regardless of the amount of time you sit in your chair or lie in your bed, knowing that you’re being supported correctly whilst doing so is absolutely vital.

At Clinical Mobility Solutions we value the importance of correct and well positioned postural support. Which is why we offer independent and unbiased assessments, a consultation that gives both the client and healthcare professionals the confidence in knowing that no matter what the situation, there will always be a solution.

Depending on the type of assessment required, the process in which CMS carry this out is as follows

Assessments and Consultation Process

Assessments and Consultations

Step 1

Initial Consultation – This visit is an opportunity for us to get to know and understand the client. Looking at the overall environment, particular requirements and individual preferences

step 2

Product Overview – Once the above is understood we then move onto demonstrating a variety of products/equipment that have the abiity to meet the clients needs. It is from here that we are able to pinpoint and filter down each item to establish the one that is best suited

permobil indoor/outdoor powerchairs

step 3

Final assessment – Now that we know the preferred product, we can proceed to the final stage which is where we go through the setup and specifications of the product in detail. Each step is discussed and agreed by everyone involved, allowing us to identify practicality over preference. Transparency is extremely important and is always the focus throughout each stage.

The final assessment although a standalone process is also and often able to be completed in step two. Lots of factors can affect this but it is very much down to the individual