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Q300M Mini

Mid-Wheel Powered Wheelchair

The ultra-compact (520 mm width) powerchair that’s packed with BIG powerchair performance.

The narrowest TRUE mid-wheel drive powerchair.

Go where others can’t with the Q300 M Mini – the narrowest (520 mm) TRUE mid-wheel drive powerchair with a turning circle of just 1200 mm. Building on its predecessor, the Salsa M2 Mini, we’ve taken outdoor performance to the next level with BIG powerchair features to get you further than ever before.

Enjoy a safe and comfortable ride with patented all-wheel suspension that independently cushions every wheel. Climb kerbs of up to 4″ (100 mm)  with 14” (355 mm) drive-wheels. Power through tricky terrain with super-strong 4-pole motors and enjoy an energy-efficient range of up to 22 miles with 56Ah batteries.

Plus with a multi-adjustable seating system and a whole-host of styling options, the original ultra-compact powerchair is back and better than ever! Be the first to experience it and book a demonstration now. 

What is TRUE mid-wheel drive technology?

It‘s when the powerchair‘s drive wheels are aligned central to its length. If positioned more towards the front or rear, the turning circle is wider (and there‘s more of the powerchair swinging around). There‘s also less weight on the drive wheel, reducing traction. Whereas the Q300 M Mini provides the most-compact turning circle and increased traction and stability thanks to its TRUE mid-wheel drive design.

Your travelling companion.

Crash-test approved for use with Four-Point tie down restraint systems, the Q300 M Mini also has some nifty little features to make day-to-day travel just that little easier:

Retaining traction on ramps
Front castor wheels force the drive-wheel off the ground? The Q300 M Mini’s front castor arms move independently from the base so the drive wheel will retain its traction.

Wheelchair adapted vehicles
The Q300 M Mini will easily fit under the steering wheel of your vehicle thanks to it’s ultra-low 16″ (410 mm) seat height.

Perfect for hoisting
Weighing just 103 kg, the Q300 M Mini can be easily hoisted in and out of your vehicle – and the optional fold-down backrest, swing-away legrests or removable armrests will provide an even more compact package.

Power-up your Q300 M Mini with powered options:

Tilt in Space

Adjust your seat positioning throughout the day for pressure relief with 30 degrees of powered tilt.

Lift & Tilt

Providing safer transfers, the 300 mm seat lift also helps you to reach everyday objects that would otherwise be out of grasp. Bringing you eye-level with the world around you, combine lift with 30 degrees of tilt for pressure relief on a whole new level!

Powered Recline Back

Independently adjust your seat-to-back angle throughout the day to help relieve pressure and redistribute your weight.

Powered Elevating Legrests

Raise your legs whenever you need to in order to reduce swelling.


Width:520 (12″ Drive Wheels) / 540 (13″ Drive Wheels) / 570 mm (14″ Drive Wheels)

Length:1120 mm

Seat Width:385 – 510 mm (15″ – 20″) (2” Extra seat width with SEDEO Pro Single Post Armrests)

Seat Height:410 – 490 mm (16″ – 19″)

Seat Depth:410 -560 mm (16″ – 22″)

Seat Tilt:0° – 12° (Fixed Tilt) 

Power Seat Tilt:30° Powered Tilt

Seat Lift:

Front seat height:410 mm – 490 mm

Additional Growth (Width):2″ 

Backrest Height:460 -510 mm (18″ – 20″)

Back Recline:-4°, 0°, 4°, 8° & 12°

Turning Diameter:1120 mm (44″)

Centre of Gravity:Yes

Front Wheel Size:7″

Rear Wheel Size:12″ / 13″ / 14″



Max. Range:36 km 

Speed:6 kph / 8 kph / 10 kph 

Batteries:41 Ah / 56 Ah

Maximum Safe Slope:6°

Max Kerb Climb:70 mm (12” Drive Wheels) / 100 mm (14” Drive Wheels)

Light And Indicators:Yes

Electronics:VR2 / R-Net

Min. Wheelchair Weight:from 103 kg (inc. 41 Ah batteries)

Total Weight:103kg (41Ah Batteries)

Maximum User Weight:136 kg


Rear-Wheel Powered Wheelchair

Designed to challenge indoor/outdoor powerchair standards, the Q100 R is ultra-compact for indoor agility, with stability and performance that‘s just as at home on the city streets. Smart design, smart looks – all at a smart price.

The ultra-compact indoor / outdoor entry level powerchair.

QUICKIE Q100 R uses an innovative testing method called SMART base technology. This helped us to understand how geometry changes to a drive base can affect performance, creating a precision-measured TRUE indoor/outdoor powerchair.

From SMART base development the Q100 R powerchair boasts an ultra-small footprint of 540 mm wide and 1010 mm long, with a tiny 1600 mm turning circle, so navigating even the tightest of spaces is a breeze.

Going out? The QUICKIE Q100 R provides a stable ride on urban roads and paths, ideal for those day trips out.
Unbelievably light at 95 kg, the Q100 R is also easy to hoist in and out of your car.

SMART Base Technology

All indoor/outdoor powered wheelchairs face the same problem… We solved it with SMART BASE Technology.

Our vision was to create a TRUE indoor/outdoor powerchair with super-tight indoor manoeuvrability and no compromises on outdoor stability and performance. But how do you design such a finely-balanced powerchair?

A large drive-base means difficulty when manoeuvring in tight environments. Too small and it becomes tippy with a loss of traction. With SMART Base Technology we were able to test 100‘s of configurations to find the perfect combination.

The result is the QUICKIE SALSA Q100 R. A legitimately compact entry-level powerchair that delivers the very-best traction, stability and even the ability to climb kerbs of up to 100 mm (4“).


Whether it‘s around the home, the local cafe or shopping mall, the SALSA Q100 R is in-touch with its environment inside and out. With an ultra-slim base and tiny turning circle, even the smallest place will feel big.

So narrow-minded

Fed up of clipping the side of your powered wheelchair or scratching the paint work when squeezing through a tight doorway? The Q100 R‘s ultra-slim base width of 540 mm can go where other indoor/outdoor powerchairs won‘t fit – so even negotiating narrow paths or packed tables at your favourite cafe will be a breeze.

Go where other powerchairs can‘t

Precision-measured in length, at just 1010 mm long, the Q100 R will conveniently fit in-and-out of through floor lifts and other short spaces without the traditional sacrifice of stability. 

Turn wherever you go

Get out of any tight-spots with the Q100 R and its ultra-compact turning circle. Effortlessly turn in narrow hallways, kitchens and other restricted spaces without the need for complicated manoeuvres.


The legrests and controller can also swing outwards, so the Q100 R can get even closer to objects like tables and chairs for an easier transfer in-or-out of your powerchair.

The small powerchair that’s big on going out

Popping out? The SALSA Q100 R‘s indoor capabilities are just as at home outdoors. Painstakingly researched, its compact dimensions provide highly-deceptive traction and stability over a variety of terrains, hills and even when tackling kerbs.

Never an up-hill-struggle

Indoor/outdoor powerchairs don‘t traditionally cope well with steep gradients – a problem we solved with SMART Base Technology. Precision-testing determined that a 1010 mm base-length provides the best stability to prevent tipping and keep you safe – even when travelling up hills of 6 degrees.

SMART base technology helped to calculate not only the dimensions for a compact base, but also the ideal seated position for maximising traction between the drive-wheel and the ground. Combined with the Q100 R drive-wheel suspension, you‘ll enjoy the kind of safe, smooth and responsive ride that‘s normally expected from a larger powerchair.

Sit back and relax

The SALSA Q100 R‘s seating has been designed to fit you. With plenty of settings and a 5-strap tension adjustable back to meet postural requirements, take comfort in knowing that if your needs change, so can your seat.

Seat adjustments include:
  • Seat width from 430-480 mm reduced to 380 mm 
    with optional in-rig kit
  • Seat depth from 405 – 510 mm
  • Optional Legrest width from 15 – 19”
  • Backrest angle from 0, 4, 8 and 12 degrees
  • Seat angle from 0, 3 and 6 degrees
  • Side guard from 0 – 50 mm
  • Optional seat height from 450 – 490 mm
  • Armrest height 230 – 305 


Width:540 mm (21”)

Length:1010 mm (39.5”)

Seat Width:430 – 500 mm (17” – 19”)

Seat Height:450 mm (17.5”)

Seat Depth:405 – 505 mm (16” – 20”)

Seat Tilt:0° – 6°

Backrest Height:500 mm (20”)

Back Recline:0°, 4°, 8° & 12° (manual)

Turning Diameter:1600 mm (63”)



Max. Range:31 km (19 miles)

Speed:6 kph

Batteries:55 Ah

Maximum Safe Slope:6°

Max Kerb Climb:70 mm – 100 mm (with Kerb Climber)


Min. Wheelchair Weight:from 95 kg (incl. 55 Ah batteries)

Maximum User Weight:125 kg




One Chair. Endless Options

Finally, a true Permobil quality solution for those users who require a more traditional rehab style seating system with limited to no power seat functions. Designed with adaptable seating and positioning needs in mind, the M1 offers all the flexibility without the compromise.

Adaptable Seating & Positioning

Open and sleek design with 1” diameter rigid tubular backrest frame allows mounting of virtually any seating and positioning solution. You can now select from a variety of positioning options from a simple curved back to custom molded seating – all with minimum loss of seat depth.

Durability You Can Feel

You can feel confident that your chair can withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle. The M1 features locking, flip back arm rests with two points of contact for added security. Center mount and swing-away legrest options designed for durability and ease of use.

Proven Technology

Reliability comes standard with proven drive unit technology also found in the M3 and F3 power series. The unique suspension geometry and linear spring design provides a more stable chassis while the vibration dampening FlexLink™ ensures a smooth ride over a variety of terrain.

Maximum User Weight

300 lbs

Maximum Speed

5 mph


16 mi*

Base Width


Base Length


Minimum Turning Radius


Ground Clearance


Recommended Battery Type

Group 34

Weight Including Batteries

319 lbs**

Drive Electronics

R-Net 90A, VR2 PM 90 (Advanced) or
PM 70 (Advanced and Basic)

Seat-to-Floor Height

16”, 17”, 18”

Tilt Options

0° – 50°

Recline Options

85° – 110° (manual)

Legrest Angle

80 – 140° (power) [ >19” seat depth]
90 – 150° (power) [ ≤19” seat depth]
80 – 135° (manual)

Backrest Height

18” – 29” (by 1” incr.)

Seat Depth

14″ – 22″ (by 1” incr.)

Seat Width

14″ – 22″ (by 2” incr.)

Armrest Options

2″x10″, 2″x14”, 4″x10”, 4″x13″