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These types of powerchairs are mainly for use in an indoor setting; whether that may be in the home, office or anything indoor place. Indoor power wheelchairs have the benefits of easy manoeuvrability to help navigate tight space or smaller areas found in the home for example By featuring small turning circles and a smaller frame they’re much easier to use inside than other types of powerchairs. With these types of indoor electric wheelchairs they also have the ability to move around a range of different floor surfaces found inside or within the home such as tiles, rugs, carpets or laminate flooring.

Through our assessment and consultation process we’ll work with you to ensure you’re getting the best indoor powerchair to suit your specialist needs, this includes finding out what environment you’ll be using your power wheelchair in to help us make an informed decision on what chair will be most suitable. From here we can then customise and set up the chair exactly to your requirements.

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