Clinical Mobility Solutions (CMS) aim to offer a simplified, tailored approach to training, both to end users and healthcare professionals. As it is important to optimise each training session, we offer basic outlines to the courses, allowing the details to be chosen and completely tailored to your skill level and requirements. 

As a newcomer to the industry the world of seating and mobility can be very daunting and understanding product differences, options and learning the correct methods of assessing is no small task – CMS is here to help. 

Below are a few examples of what certain courses include, they can be conducted one on one or in a group.

End-User Product training (basic & advanced)

Beginner or entry level training courses available covering the basics and advanced driving function as well as powered seating operation, memory functions, settings and diagnostics.


Powered and Manual wheelchair training

Overall introduction to a wide range of products, understanding the differences/benefits of certain drive setups, manual and powered wheelchair families, options available and behavioural characteristics.

Q700M UP standing powerchair in green

Clinical seating and Postural Management

Addressing the importance of maintaining appropriate posture when seating and knowing what products perform what tasks and when to use them. Strengthening your ability to assess and furthering your knowledge of postural management.

f5 corpus outdoor/indoor powerchair in aqua blue